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Healing Bone Broth Recipe

Mention bone broth to most people and they get that kind of “far away, eyes rolled back into their head” kind of gaze that means they think you have totally lost your mind.

But, here is the deal. You no doubt recall your mother or grandmother making up a batch of chicken soup when cold and flu season rolled around right? The main ingredient in that chicken soup, the part that actually made you feel better was bone broth and for the most part it was the broth that provided the healing. Bone broths have been used for centuries by people of all cultures and because they are packed with nutrients, and are easy for our digestive systems to manage, bone broths seem to have almost magical healing properties.

I know…I said the same thing “what?”…I was a total non-believer; that is until I tried it consistently for 60 days. What I learned about bone broth is that it does not require your belief in order to have a powerful positive effect! Now I can’t imagine being without bone broth in my life!

Bone broth contains a myriad of minerals in forms that your body can easily absorb. Among these are Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, to name just a few. But in reality this is just the beginning. Bones when slow cooked over a number of days allows the bones to release other important substances such as collagen, glycine and glutamine that are amazingly transformational.

Research is showing that bone broth has the ability to have a dramatic effect on the immune system and may have a positive impact for those who suffer from food allergies, arthritis and other auto-immune type diseases.

In my experience, daily consumption of bone broth has an amazing ability to reduce bloating, reduce pain in joints and reduce or stop skin breakouts and inflammation.

Grab the recipe here

Using your bone broth

Once you have your broth made, it’s important that you reheat it on the stove top rather than the microwave. Heating food in microwaves may actually detract from the value of the healing nutrients. Simmer on low until heated evenly without overheating.

You may find the fastest relief by consuming this broth (1 cup) for two meals of the day, avoiding all sugar (including fruits other than berries) dairy and processed grains. A great combo for both lunch and dinner would be 1 cup of broth (warm) with a cup each of strawberries and blueberries (organic only please!).

Let us know how you are using bone broth. It’s been a life changer for us!

Until next time!

Craig and Alicia

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