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Who are we and why are we here?   We believe that life can be lived on your terms; kickin’ butt, taking names and living a life you love! We know from personal experience that no matter your age or income, social background or education, or any other factor, anyone can lead a life rich in abundance; fully bathed in health and prosperity

Bold ehhh?

If you feel the same way…or at least think this idea is worth exploring, then you have found a home. We hope to share experiences and resources that will help you do all of that and more! A bit about us… As busy professionals we found that life seemed to just get tougher and tougher each step of the way. After being laid off countless times, facing health challenges and having had egos bruised and battered we made an important decision;  

“Stop the madness!”

Instead of continuing along the path that found us working outside the home, suffering mad commutes and long hours while building someone else’s dream, we embarked on a journey that has been challenging, amazing and fulfilling. In spite of the challenges, this has been also a time of recovery and discovery; a time to check and adjust priorities and an opportunity to explore and share new ideas and strategies.

Life is not yet, nor will it ever be perfect, but here is what it is… it’s ours!

And that matters!

Our blog is about celebrating life,… creating, learning and treasuring new experiences, passions and talents while living a life you love! It’s about building and celebrating friendships and relationships; building bonds that far surpass anything you ever thought possible and discovering strategies that challenge your thinking when it comes to creating the healthiest bodies and minds possible. It’s about creating life that means

 “throw off the covers and attack life” every morning   

                                      and being“fall down satisfied & deep sleep ready” at the end of the day.

Love Life and Live It! 

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